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Specialist and All-rounder: Success as a team

Beginning with the idea for a new power supply, its development and construction via testing up to being ready for serial production: the complete product is made in-house with all advantages of that – short paths, direct responses from the departments involved. A high level of self-organization and self-responsibility – one for all, all for one – characterizes the working style of these departments.

ADL delivers quickly and on time, always committed to fulfilling customer requirements. To plan and to be ready for the future within the tense competition of national and global demands – this are the daily challenges which the ADL team successfully meets, in cooperation with its international partners.


Head of departments Manufacturing and Production

From left to right:

Andreas Fornoff, Production manager
Regina Vater, PCB manufacturing manager, trainer
Kerstin Illner, Deputy production manager, trainer

Bastian Putter, Mechanics and mechanical construction manager

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