Excellent pulse control for semi-oxidized targets

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Unipolar Pulse Generators Applications

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ADL unipolar pulse systems are the best choice for the sputtering of partly oxidic processes. Either partly reactive with metallic targets or sub-stoichiometric with ceramic targets, the unipolar pulses contribute – by means of extremely low arc energy – to the avoidance of increasing passivation of the chamber wall, resp. the anode and, therefore, to the stabilization of the coating process.

The combination of DC and Unipolar pulse generators is used, e.g., for the production of OLEDs, or LCD for large flat screens or for special decorative and hard coatings.

  • Wide range of sputtering applications with low conductive targets
  • Excellent process control for semi-oxidized targets, e.g. TiOx, NbOx …
  • Stable processing with arc-critical targets such as AZO
  • Unipolar full reactive coating processes such as SiO2, SI3O4, AI2O3
  • Improved coating morphology versus DC
Example of the combination of DC power supplies and Unipolar Pulse Generator for customized sputtering with one unipolar cathode.
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