The ADL pulse system – unipolar sputtering

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Unipolar Pulse Generators: For arc-critical and partially reactive processes

High-quality and reproduceable coatings

DC power supplies (HX, GX / GS) can be combined with a unipolar pulse generator (SD) via interface X4P. Consequently, the coating plant can be operated very flexibly with DC or, alternatively, with unipolar pulse. In "Master/Slave" or parallel operation, the synchronization of several power supplies is possible up to 240 kW. The compact ½ 19“ design of the pulse generators makes direct installation at the vacuum chamber possible! Like all ADL power supplies, the pulse systems are maintenance free, they fail extremely rarely, and, with very low follow-up costs, they provide a price-performance ratio that is extremely competitive.

Unipolar pulse generators, (left): SD 30, SD 150 and SD 151, (middle): SD 300, SD 301 and SD 351, (right): HXD 901 – HXD 1401
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