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Bipolar Pulse Generators GXB 50

up to 5 kW Datasheet GXB 50_012022 (339.23 KB)

The Bipolar Pulse Generator GXB 50 generates a square-wave 
AC voltage for plasma excitation between two cathodes. A 5 kW-DC power supply is already integrated, so that no external DC power supply is necessary. The generator works with a fixed frequency of 22.5 kHz. Pulse-on time and pulse-off time are automatically controlled and not preset as determined parameters. A special current ratio controller calculates the power of both half-waves and regulates them on the basis of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) in a pre-defined proportion. The Bipolar Pulse Generator is equipped with automatic arc suppression. The parameters for trip level and break times are automatically adjusted to the specific processes.

Programming by the user is not necessary at all!

  • Output power 5 kW, AC
  • DC and Pulse Generator in one unit
  • Current ratio controller
  • Automatic arc handling
  • Water coooling
  • Very compact design in ½ 19" housing, 3 HU
GXB 50 front view
GXB 50, opened
GXB 50 rear view
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