The ADL pulse system - bipolar sputtering

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Bipolar Pulse Generators: Worldwide the standard for reactive processes

Less arc energy, no crazing

ADL DC power supplies (HX / GX) can be combined with a bipolar pulse generator (SB) via interface X4P and the coating plant can be operated very flexibly with either DC or alternatively with AC. The synchronization of several units in master/slave or parallel operation is possible up to 240 kW. The compact ½ 19” design makes installation directly at the vacuum chamber possible.

Higher profitability in comparison to outdated sinus technology

The ADL pulse design reaches a very precise voltage control in reactive processes. The duty cycle of both cathodes can be adjusted from 50 : 50 % up to 10 : 90 %, thereby making both symmetrical and asymmetrical sputtering possible. The excellent, super fast and fully automatic arc management with very low arc energy smaller 0.3 mJ / kW and a process reproducability better than 1% guarantees outstanding coating results.

Just like all ADL power supplies, the pulse systems are also maintenance-free, they fail extremely rarely, and offer an absolutely competitive price-performance ratio, due to extremely low follow-up costs.

Left: Two in one – GXB combines DC and bipolar pulse generator in one unit, middle: front view bipolar pulse generator SB, right: front view bipolar pulse generator HXB – for large power.

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