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Bipolar Pulse Generators SB 150 and SB 300

up to 35 kW Datasheet SB 150, SB 300_012022 (350.61 KB)

The generators can be used both as medium frequency generators to generate symmetric AC current and as bipolar pulse generators to generate asymmetrical square pulses. With a special power ratio controller the target lifetime for dual magnetrons can be exactly symmetrized. Furthermore, two different target materials can also be controlled with asymmetrical pulse power. The power ratio controller automatically sets the pulse times via pulse width modulation (PWM). The units work with a fixed frequency of 20 kHz. The generators have an automatic arc suppression. The parameters for trip level and break times are automatically adjusted to the chosen process. Programming by the user is not necessary. For an automatic synchronization, multiple generators can be connected via control cables. In this case, the pulse generators automatically switch to external synchronization.

  • Output power 15 kW, 35 kW, AC
  • Parallel operation up to 280 kW
  • Power ratio controller
  • Automatic arc handling
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Water cooling
  • Very compact design

Front view SB 150 and SB 300
(identical in construction)

SB 150 and SB 300 opened

Rear view SB 150 and SB 300

Flexibility meets efficiency as a strong duo: HX (DC) and SB (Bipolar Pulse Generator)
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