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The modular principle
ADL power supplies can be assembled according to the modular design principle so that they fit exactly to the respective application. This is a very economical method, as superfluous functions can be omitted, thus reducing costs.

“Plug and Play”
A high degree of automation of the devices considerably simplifies the commissioning of a plant, as well as saving time and thus money. No parameters have to be programmed to adapt ADL power supplies to different processes.

Economic efficiency through reliability
A very robust design allows continuous operation at maximum power, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ADL provides a warranty for 24 months for all products!

Back-up devices
If a device does fail, an on-site back-up device can always shorten the downtime of a system. Replacing a power supply is very quick and easy because of the connectors and automatic adjustment.

Fast and competent service

For Germany and Europe, ADL in Darmstadt is the most direct way to obtain consulting services and to order ADL products, as well as for modifications, maintenance or repairs of power supplies and pulse generators.

Worldwide ADL works with authorized partners. In close cooperation with ADL engineers in Darmstadt, they offer customers (plant manufacturers and end customers) qualified support in deciding on the appropriate product. ADL partners have the necessary technical equipment to support customers quickly and flexibly on site with maintenance, adjustments or repairs. Training courses at the company's German headquarters in Darmstadt or online training courses ensure that service personnel have up-to-date product and service knowledge.

If a device has to be sent to Germany for repair, a repair is possible within 24 hours after arrival at ADL in Darmstadt, Monday through Friday.

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