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Bipolar Pulse Generators Applications

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ADL bipolar pulse systems are excellently suited for the production of transparent, anti-reflecting or transparent conducting alternating coatings of reactive processes for large area coatings on synthetic substances, glass or R2R.

These unit combinations are used either as a single system or as a package solution switched in parallel in a cabinet for small power (GXB 50), medium power (GX + SB 150) or large power (HX + SB 350). They are perfectly for architectural glass, solar cells and foil, when lowest arc energy and highest process stability without crazing are most important.

  • Bipolar fully reactive coating processes such as SIO2, Si3N4, AI2O3, TIO2
  • For cathodes up to 4 m in length
  • Excellent process control for semi-oxidized targets, e.g., TiOx, NbOx…
  • Absolutely symmetrical and asymmetrical sputtering with automatic PWM control
  • Super fast and fully automatic arc-management

Example of the combination of four HX (DC) with four bipolar pulse generators (SB) in a modular system.

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